[edit] radio podcast 76

[edit] radio’s favourite duo Ami-Beth and Pete New return to the podcast for another 40 minutes worth of off the wall humour and of course the best in new and alternative music. WINRAR!

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Kams feat Rup “Headache” [Unknown]
  2. Ngunni Lovers Lovers “Cheza Ngoma” [7″]
  3. Bon Iver “Calgary” [Bon Iver]
  4. Woods “Be All Be Easy” [Sun & Shade]
  5. Julian Lynch “Fort Collins” [Terra]
  6. Cashier No. 9 “Oh Pity” [To The Death Of Fun]
  7. Planningtorock “The One” [W]
  8. Holy Other “Touch” [With U]
  9. White Denim “It’s Him” [D]
  10. Admoth “Worker Bee” [Unknown]