[edit] radio podcast 75

This week the [edit] radio podcast is back again in the reliable hands of Tom Crook, who you may know from Band of Hope and the DJ booth at Reading’s Legendary after Dark Nightclub. Hear the tallest DJ on [edit] radio guide you through another 40 minutes of the best in new and alternative music.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. David Bowie “The Laughing Gnome” [Best Of Bowie]
  2. Fixers “Another Lost Apache” [Single]
  3. Yuck “Getaway” [Single]
  4. Tom Vek “A Chore” [Single]
  5. The Beach Boys “Don’t Go Near The Water [Surf’s Up]
  6. Holton’s Opulent Oog “I’m Waving A Flag” [Edit Session]
  7. Holton’s Opulent Oog “If You Set Me Free’ [Edit Session]
  8. These United States “The Business” [A Picture Of The Three Of Us…]
  9. Arnold Shawbrook “F***” [Rat F***er]
  10. The Bees “Silverline” [Every Step’s A Yes]
  11. Golden Smog “Long Time Ago” [Another Fine Day]
  12. Willy Mason “Oxygen” [Where The Humans Eat]