[edit] radio podcast 63

They’re the winners of the little publicised Brit award for best ginger and curly haired podcasting duo. Brighton based Ami-Beth and Pete are back with another 40 minute podcast of the best in new and alternative music.
Band “Song” [Album] 
  1. tUnE YaRds “Bizness” [who kill]
  2. Crystal Stilts “Sycamore Tree” [In Love With Oblivion]
  3. Bird Engine “No Arms, No Friends” [OIB Sea Monsters Compilation]
  4. Ghostpoet “Longing For The Night” [Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam]
  5. Radiohead “Little By Little” [King Of Limbs]
  6. Akron Family “Silly Bear” [Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT]
  7. Wavves “Horse Shoes” [download]
  8. EMA “Milkman”[Past Life Martyred Saints]
  9. Kurt Vile “In My Time” [Smoke Ring For My Halo]
  10. BlakRoc “Coochie” [BlakRoc]