[edit] radio podcast 54 – Ben Marwood’s 2010 Year In Review

[edit] radio’s 2010 Yearbook – Part 3 Ben Marwood’s 2010 Year In Review

It’s the third part in [edit] radio’s review of 2010 and today its the turn of Ben Marwood to reminisce, reflect and cast his learned ear over the music of the past year. Let him take you through his favourite song’s of the year, his tips for 2011 and whole heap of other things besides.

BAND Song [Album]

  1. TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND Me, I Get High On Reefer [Dos Amigos Una Fiesta]
  2. FRANK TURNER I Still Believe [Rock and Roll EP]
  3. CHRIS T-T Open and Shut [Love Is Not Rescue]
  4. HOLD YOUR HORSE IS You Show Up [single]
  5. JOHNNY FLYNN Lost and Found [Been Listening]
  6. PULLED APART BY HORSES I Punched A Lion In The Throat [Pulled Apart By Horses]
  7. LAURA MARLING No Hope In The Air [I Speak Because I Can]
  8. BLACK KEYS Next Girl [Brothers]
  9. SUFJAN STEVENS Enchanting Ghost [All Delighted People EP]
  10. DRY THE RIVER History Book [History Book EP]
  11. CHRIS T-T Words Fail Me [Love Is Not Rescue]