[edit] radio podcast 52 – Tom Crook presents the Sessions of 2010

[edit] radio’s 2010 Yearbook – Part 1 Tom Crook presents the Sessions of 2010

Each month in 2010, the lovely Tom Crook has provided the listeners of [edit] radio with a live session recorded especially for the podcast. This podcast is an amalgamation of his favourite sessions of the year and is the opening gambit in [edit] radio’s 2010 Yearbook.

BAND Song [Album]

  1. CO-PILGRIM New Song [Edit Session]
  2. MR. ANTHONY HALL Haiku No.1 [Edit Session]
  3. SEORI BURNETT Feed The Longing [Edit Session]
  4. BAND OF HOPE No Flowers [Edit Session]
  5. BEN MARWOOD Toil [Edit Session]
  6. BEN SMITH The Rattler [Edit Session]
  7. PAUL WHITTY Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me [Edit Session]
  8. CO-PILGRIM Now You’re Here [Edit Session]