[edit] radio podcast 49

Ben Marwoods back and kicking off an action packed December here on the [edit] radio podcast! His superfantastisch podcast is 40 minutes of the best in new and alternative music, that will make you realise that despite X-factor yours ears are a worthwhile appendage.

BAND Song [Album]

  1. KANYE WEST Lost In The World / Who Will Survive In America? [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]
  2. PHANTOM PLANET The Living Dead [Stubbs The Zombie – OST]
  3. WINTERSLEEP Weighty Ghost [Welcome To The Night Sky]
  4. PULLED APART BY HORSES Yeah Buddy [Pulled Apart By Horses]
  5. RADICAL FACE Welcome Home [Ghost]
  6. IRON AND WINE Walking Far From Home [Kiss Each Other Clean]
  7. DARWIN DEEZ Bad Day [Darwin Deez]
  8. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING Photoshop Handsome [Man Alive]
  9. BRITISH SEA POWER Living Is So Easy [Valhalla Dancehall]
  10. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Hurt Feelings [I Told You I Was Freaky]