[edit] radio podcast 44 – Left Side Brain 10th Anniversary Special

This weeks [edit] radio is special. Very Special!! In honour of Left Side Brain’s “10 years of unrelenting riffage” Barry Dolan (AKA Oxygen Thief) rampages through a minute 40 homage to their collective brilliance.

If you’d like what you hear and would like to help the band celebrate their decade of face melting guitar solo’s. [edit] radio invites you get down to The Fleece in Bristol on Sat 6th November (Doors 7:30pm), but be warmed their is currently no cure for melted faces!
All the gigs proceeds will be going to Cancer Research UK and the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation. See you there!!!! 
Band “Song” [Album]
  1. Left Side Brain “Weaponise” [Rifftrospective]
  2. Cars On Fire “Hall of Skeletons” [Dig Your Own Grave]
  3. Dutch Schultz “Slice” [Carve Our Names]
  4. Freeze The Atlantic “Feather in a Hurricane” [demo]
  5. GU Medicine “Pure Motorised Instinct” [Lords of Oblivion]
  6. Oxygen Thief “Words on Walls” [Destroy It Yourself]
  7. Far “Dear Enemy” [At Night We Live]
  8. Scissorfight “Blizzards, Buzzards, Bastards” [Mantrapping for Sport and Profit]
  9. Carnivores “John Actor is Monkfish” [single]
  10. Left Side Brain “Uncomfortable” [Rifftrospective]