[edit] radio podcast 41

Fresh from a day of supporting boobies at Lexapalooza, Ben Marwood returns to his regular slot on [edit] radio. Bringing with him the best music busicuits of joy his tea fuelled body and mind could find. It’s 40 more minutes of the best in new and alternative music. We hope you enjoy.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Arcade Fire “Ready To Start” [The Suburbs]
  2. The Two Man Gentlemen Band “Drip Dryin'” [Drip Dryin’ with..]
  3. Idlewild “A Modern Way Of Letting Go” [The Remote Part]
  4. Everything Everything “MY KZ, UR BF” (Grum Remix) [single]
  5. Sufjan Stevens “Enchanting Ghost” [All Delighted People EP]
  6. Blood Red Shoes “Light It Up” [Fire Like This]
  7. Hold Your Horse Is “You Show Up” [single]
  8. Bombay Bicycle Club “Rinse Me Down” [Flaws]
  9. Iron Horse “New Slang” [The Bluegrass Tribute To The Shins]
  10. Johnny Flynn “Barnacled Warship” [Been Listening]