[edit] radio podcast 40

After surviving a stag weekend at Oktoberfest, Kevin Lawson returns for the first [edit] radio of a new month. Bringing with him 40 minutes of the most incredible new and alternative music. We hope you enjoy the music and show your support to the artists we play. Remember folks ‘Music Isn’t and expense, it’s an investment’.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Prinzhorn Dance School “Seed, Crop, Harvest” [Website download]
  2. Wolf Gang “Lions in Cages” [Single]
  3. Elite Gymnastics “If U Love Me” [REAL FRIENDS EP]
  4. DeerHunter “Helicopter” [Halcyon Digest]
  5. The War On Drugs “Comin’ Through” [Future Weather]
  6. The Knocks “Make It Better” [Make It Better CDS]
  7. Sun Airway “Oh, Naoko” [Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier]
  8. Local Natives “Careful” [L’Aventure]
  9. BALAM ACAB “Regret Making Mistakes” [See Birds]
  10. Yelle “La Musique” [Unknown]