[edit] radio podcast 37

Tom Crook comes back to [edit] radio on this drizzly Tuesday evening, bringing with him the podcasting equivalent of a cup of tea and a hug. Let him sooth the stresses of the day away with a 40 minute podcast of hushed voices and amazing music. Welcome to relaxing world of Tommy time.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Neil Young “After The Goldrush” [After The Goldrush]
  2. Elliott Smith “Baby Britain” [XO]
  3. The Coral “Butterfly House” [Butterfly House]
  4. The Living Sisters “How Are You Doing?” [Love To Live]
  5. The Low Anthem “Home I’ll Never Be” [Oh My God Charlie Darwin]
  6. Ben Smith “The Rattler” [Edit Session]
  7. Ben Smith “Cremorne’ [Edit Session]
  8. Teenage Fanclub “When I Still Have Thee” [Shadows]
  9. Peasant “The End” [Shady Retreat]
  10. Rufus Wainwright “The Art Teacher” [Want Two]
  11. Sian Alice Group “White” [Troubled, Shaken etc}
  12. The Decemberists “The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid” [The Hazards Of Love]