[edit] radio podcast 36

Music lovers of the interweb rejoice! for Ben Marwood is back on [edit] radio. Back to guide you through the forests of the best in new and alternative music like some form of loveable sasquatch rendered in 2D sprites by the Atari Lynx. Hear him growl over 40 more minutes of what can only be described as podcasting genius. ENJOY!!

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse In Your Soul” [Flood]
  2. Two Man Gentlemen Band “Prime Numbers” [Live In New York]
  3. Weezer “We Are All On Drugs” [Make Believe]
  4. Tokyo Police Club “Nature of the Experiment” [A Lesson In Crime]
  5. Pulled Apart By Horses “High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive” [Pulled Apart By Horses]
  6. The Like “Wishing He Was Dead” [Release Me]
  7. Beck “Sexx Laws” [Midnite Vultures]
  8. Sufjan Stevens “Enchanting Ghost” [All Delighted People EP]
  9. Wavves “King of the Beach” [King of the Beach]
  10. Mountain Goats “Love Love Love” [The Sunset Tree]
  11. Bombay Bicycle Club “Ivy and Gold” [Flaws]
  12. Phosphorescent “The Mermaid Parade” [Here’s To Taking It Easy]