Los Campesinos! – Letters from Me to Charlotte (RSVP)

I’m not sure how Los Campesinos! releasing a mini EP got by me, but it did. Well until now that is. It’s really caught my ears as sees the band stepping out of their usual wall of fuzz and guitar riffs.
Instead these new versions of songs from their 3rd album Romance Is Boring contain violins, pianos and a stripped away to nothing production that cynics might say is them jumping on the folk bandwagon. Even if there is any truth in such cynicism I don’t care one bit as the results are startlingly good.
Los Campesinos! songs have always crafted with very idiosyncratic lyrics, that unless you listen often don’t reveal themselves as intimate confessions of character flaws and past wrong doings. But slowed to crawl and removed from the wall of noise their intimacy is at once immediate.
It’s something that caught me by surprise and hints that the bands future direction could be something very different but equally great. That my friends is something to be excited about.

Letters From Me To Charlotte (RSVP).mp3