Japandroids – Younger Us

Last year Japandroid released ‘Post Nothing’ a thrilling lo-fi pop punk album that perfectly described what it was like moving into your early 20’s. The youthful angst, the continued obsession with the opposite sex and the highs/lows that ensue when you think your ‘in love’. Their new track ‘Younger Us’ picks up life a few years later. Recounting memories of ”that time you were in bed, said ‘fuck it’ got up and drank with me instead” when saying “I’ll sleep when i’m dead” was a mantra. Before hangovers actually hurt and the emotional toll of (not so) meaningless sexual encounters started to tell. Wishing you could feel that way again even if only for a day, but knowing deep down those carefree days are gone forever. Its a great track and not to be missed.

Younger Us.mp3

If you don’t already own it, make sure you buy Post Nothing from iTunes