Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

So it’s been a while since I wrote one these things., Its an unfortunate by-product of just having way too much on at work and in my social life. Excuses aside I’m back and intend to be far more committed to this music blog than i have been in the last month.

So where to start? well there’s only once place really and thats with this most amazing of Tracks from Darwin Deez. I first got wind of this via Ben Marwoods podcast for me on [edit] radio last month, he described it as possibly ‘the best pop song of the year?’

I have to say that even after the 10th listen the track loses none of its luster. It has a boundless energy and sounds wee bit like Max Tundra but poppier (if thats even a word).

As I said in the podcast I released this week if you listen to this song without bopping along you don’t deserve the power of hearing!

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector by LuckyNumberMusic

You can buy his amazing album from the link below