Zola Jesus – I Can’t Stand

I’ve been reading a lot about Zola Jesus in the last few months. Everywhere in the music press keeps telling that they are gonna be ‘great’ which is fine, except everytime i’ve heard one of their tracks i’ve been left feeling underwhelmed.

So I was especially surprised to find this song last week, which I absolutely love. I put it on in the afternoons after i return home from work and let it wash over me whilst I catch up on personal e-mails.

It feels like Nika Rosa Danilova is singing directly at me, helping to release all my anxieties about about being single, about work and what the future holds, you know the things you think about when your bored and browsing the net at work.

She sings “It’s not easy to fall in love, but if your lucky you just might someone” and “it’s not easy to let it all go, but once in a while its good for your soul” And when she states me “so don’t let it get you down” that “In the end your only one” I start to feel better.

And by the time she finishes the song by repeating “It’s gonna be alright” I feel ready to believe her.

I Can’t Stand.mp3