Los Campesinos! – Straight In at 101

Since arriving with a bang onto the music scene back in 2008 with their debut album Now Hold On Youngster, Los Campesinos have wasted little time in recording a follow up and even a third album. Such prolific songwriting can sometimes diminish the quality of the work. The opposite is true of these guys.

There third long player ‘Romance Is Boring’ takes the best elements from their first two albums and amalgamates them into the my favourite record of the year thus far. I could have picked any pretty much any song to blog off the new album and after some deliberation I settled on Straight In at 101.

The song reminds me of various ex-girlfriends. Where things hadn’t been going so well and we had laid in bed together bemoaning how our lives were, instead of making love. With neither of us being comfortable in the relationship or our own skins and how frustrating our constant psychoanalysis of each other was.

Its these feelings that the band capture to magnificent effect on this track. Each line feels like a snippet of conversations or actions that i’ve had in my various failed relationships over the last 8 years. The depressing thing from a personal point of view is that whilst i’ve cared for all of them, I know i haven’t really been in love with any of them.

You can buy Romance is Boring from 7digital

Straight In At 101.mp3