Jim Lockey – Atlases

Jim Lockey is one splendid fellow indeed. I had the great pleasure of getting drunk with him for an entire week last summer and to use one of his phrases it was a ‘Safe’ week.

Between now and then i have constantly listened to and recommended his brand of punk folk music to as many people as would listen. To be honest its not a hard sell when someone sounds as good as this.

This version of Atlases is taken from his Album of the same name. If you think its sounds  familiar its because Jim released an acoustic recording of this track last summer on broken tail records split EP exclamation at asterisk hash. In its new guise its lost none of its lustre. Jim’s voice is as emotive and tuneful as it ever was and the growl in the line “And suits that fight like lions” is as good as it is live.

The song has benefited from the addition of a full band arrangement and i can safely say this is one my favourite tracks of the year thus far.

Atlases by Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun is out on the 5th of June.