[edit] radio podcast 26

Much has happened in the last week, England went out of the world cup, Glastonbury has come and gone in a blaze of sun drenched glory, I finally bought some new socks and Ami-Beth Phipps and Pete are back on [edit] radio!!! Bringing with them a vodka fuelled podcast of great music and rubbish animal impression (worse crocodile impression ever). Enjoy!

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Dr.K.Gyasi and His Noble Kings “Sei Nazo” [Ghana Special]
  2. tUnE-yArDs “Sunlight” [Bird-brains]
  3. Best Coast “Sun Was High (So Was I) [7”]
  4. Charlie Parr “Reverend Eviction’s Blues” [King Earl]
  5. Kurt Vile “I Know I Got Religion” [Square Shells EP]
  6. High Places “On A Hill, In A Bed, On A Road, In A House” [High Places Vs Mankind
  7. Walls “Hang Four” [Walls]
  8. Crocodiles “Soft Skull (In My Room) [Summer of Hate]
  9. Sleigh Bells “Tell Em'” [Treats]
  10. Animal Collective “For Reverend Green” [Strawberry Jam]