The Hold Steady – Hurricane J

I hate it when you can see someone you care for seeking out the solace of a relationship in a very self destructive way. Watching them hide behind a mask of indifference as they jump into bed with partner after partner. Not realising that every time they do so they make spotting the intimacy and care of a healthy relationship all the more difficult. It’s frustrating to say the least.

This is the situation that The Hold Steady’s latest single ‘Hurricane J’ describes perfectly. From their forthcoming album ‘Heaven is Wherever’ it finds the band in some of their finest form to date.

It’s heavily steeped in the musical dynamic that sits at the heart all of The Hold Steady’s best songs. Which when simplified is super catchy rock tempered by startlingly sad and honest lyrics. This is especially effective on Hurricane J as this dynamic mirrors the effort of the tracks protagonist ‘J’ in her effort to sound/look happy yet still reveling in her own self destruction.

It’s startlingly good and a fine way to kick off a new album.

‘Heaven is Wherever’ is out 3rd of May on Rough Trade records and can be be bought from The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever

Hurricane J.mp3