The Heartwear Process – Mean Season

A year or so ago one of my favorite local bands The Heartwear Process stopped playing shows and making music together. When it happened the local music scene seemed a little drabber without their energy and devilish sound to enjoy.

However this weekend the band reunite for (what I assume) is a one off gig to celebrate bassist Chris Sartin’s 30th Birthday. The gig takes places this Sunday night at a (not so) secret location and will be kicked off by local country legend Damien A Passmore, followed by the Heartwear Process, then finished by the amazing Ben ‘God’ Marwood.
It’s going to be an wonderful night, so to get you all juiced up here is my favorite Heartwear process track ‘Mean Season’

Mean Season.mp3

And a download of Mr Ben Marwood’s cover of the Heartwear’s song about zombie re-animator ‘Herbert West’