[edit] radio podcast 7

Hi Everyone Tom Crook is back on edit radio with his second podcast of the year. Featuring some excellent session work from Seori Burnett, we sincerely hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Band Of Skulls “Know What I Am” [unkown]
  2. Kassidy “Night In The Box” [Rubbergum EP]
  3. Beach Boys “Sail On Sailor” [Holland]
  4. The Finches “Goettingen, Du” [unknown]
  5. Stornoway “Fuel Up” [Fuel Up single]
  6. Seori Burnett “Feed The Longing” [Edit Session]
  7. Seori Burnett “Golden Slumbers” [Edit Session]
  8. Elliott Smith “Everything Reminds Me Of Her” [Figure 8]
  9. The Smiths “Reel Around The Fountain” [The Smiths]
  10. Beach House “Norway” [Teen Dream]
  11. Band Of Hope “Jesus Be My Best Friend” [It Takes A Lot Of People To Make A Little Noise]